Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seattle Bound!

So having my summer come to an end I decided a few months ago to take a mini trip to Seattle. Originally my plan was to go to Savannah, Georgia; since I've been dying to go there for the past few years, however the weather right now isn't the best so a few of my cousins and I decided to come down to Seattle. My cousin’s mom lives here, which makes it easier because she knows all the fun places. I finally got Wi-Fi in my room to blog about my experiences. We got here on Thursday and I have to say it’s been pretty amazing! The weather has been amazing! We definitely don’t get this kind of fresh air back in LA! We have an amazing view of Lake Union and I get to watch the sun glisten on the ocean everyday as the sunrises and sets. We are staying at the Edgewater Hotel, where the Beatles would stay when in town, and would fish out their window! So, of course that made it ten times better for me. Too bad I’m not staying in the Beatles suite. Oh well, maybe next time! On the first day I got to visit the first Starbucks that opened and got familiar with the city!

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