Friday, June 29, 2012

Lunch with the Swans

I had some free time on my hands over the week and I decided to take a little adventure and visit the Hotel Bel-Air. I had seen and heard about it on TV however I had also heard that they were doing a whole new renovation to the entire hotel. Sure enough while I was on their website I learned that they have picnic lunches in front of their little pond with two beautiful swans.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Love me Some Miranda Kerr

Hope that title didn't scare you bloggers away..what can I say I'm a HUGE fan of Miranda Kerr if you hadn't noticed from all my previous blogs..hehe.

Obsessed over Selena Gomez's Elle Photoshoot!!

Attention Attention Attention!!! How amazingly stunning and grown up does Selena Gomez look? I love the  story behind the whole photoshoot!

Modernizing the Chanel Jacket

I've always been in love with Chanel ever since I knew the brand existed; however growing up  the Chanel jackets seemed a little too much of something my mom would wear and a little less of something in my time...however lately I'm seeing some great ways to put together pieces with this jacket and make it look so fashionably hip! Check it out..