Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bainbridge Island

Yesterday we decided to take a ferry down to Bainbridge Island and I must say it was pure bliss. Bainbridge is one of the many islands that are around Seattle. It is considered as the second best place to live in United States, so of course I was extremely excited to check it out. The ferry ride was about 35 minutes and it was extremely beautiful. Once we got there I was pretty much speechless. Here was this amazing island with beautiful homes and the best part of it? They had the ocean as their front yard and a sailboat parked right up front. The whole island looked like it belonged in a novel I had read. I imagined myself living there the second we got onto land. Everything seemed so simple and calm. I figured it was the perfect place to raise your kids and grow old with your husband. It was almost too perfect! 

On the Ferry

having a little Titanic moment..

So I tried an oyster shooter...

simply beautiful

yummiest  Salmon Asian Bowl

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