Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rihanna Live!

So a few entries ago I blogged about my obsession for Rihanna and how much I love her music and style. Well, I got to see her live in person at her Only Girl World Tour last month; and I have to say she was amazing! THe concert was a big hit, the energy was on a whole other level. The best part about it was that my friends and I got really good seats so we were really close. This was my first time being so up close at a concert. I usually have really good seats but this was totally different. It was a different experience because it felt like it was just me and her; where as before you can see the whole crowd in front of you. Overall it was a great show; she looked amazing as always. He outfits were amazing and the whole show had a burlesque feel to it which was great. Here are a few photos I took from the night!

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